Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue Tips

Rescuing a Bernese mountain dog is a noble thing to do. When an owner neglects a pet, there must be people who are willing to take on the responsibility of taking good care of an abandoned dog. Even if the reasons are unknown, pets, dogs including, need a shelter where they can get the proper care and nutrition. Bernese mountain dog rescue is a noble thing to do. And if you choose to take care of a Bernese mountain dog, you will realize that they are loyal, intelligent and happy pets. They might go through some tough times as adolescents but once they recognize that you want to care for them, their loyalty will go to you.

If you want to adopt a Bernese mountain dog, you will soon realize that they are quite civil with strangers and with other animals. Though at times they might get excited and move around, they are most likely to stay calm and not hurt the people around you. With their large built, you will notice that they are great for families. If you want to train these dogs for hunting or for shows, you can do so with the Bernese mountain dog. Because they are very easy to train, as positive reinforcement works for them, you will be able to teach them many tricks. And they dont tend to get violent even when they dont understand you, they can be trained easily. They are very loyal to their owners and will follow them wherever they go.

The Bernese mountain dog is also a perfect dog for the cold weather. Sometimes, they prefer to remain outdoors during this time. They also enjoy being exercised almost daily although the training should not be as rigorous as with the other breeds. These dogs are very much into whatever their owner does so whether youre into making your dog join obstacle courses and shows, your dog will like it too.

If youre looking for the perfect companion, you can find it in the Bernese mountain dog. They are pleasing and happy. Though they live for a minimum of nine years, you will enjoy having them in your home. Bernese mountain dog rescue will prove to be a beneficial act for you. You did not just help save a dog, you also won yourself a companion who will remain loyal and protective to you and your whole family.

Choosing Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders

If you want to buy from Bernese mountain dog Breeders then you can search online as a lot of dogs are being sold online. A Bernese mountain dog is a calm and friendly dog. You can make them a house pet and you wont regret it. However, you should not buy from any breeder since there are a lot of advertisements out there especially on the Internet. You should ask a lot of questions to the breeders so you will get your moneys worth. This dog is even seen participating in a lot of sports activities including herding, tracking and carting. Of course, it would also be a good idea to ask if the breeder gets his dog to the veterinarian at once in every 3 months. That would be very important because nobody would want to buy a sick dog. This dog is a perfect family dog which is one of the reasons why a dog is mans best friend. This dog also has a strong desire to please so you will never get bored whenever you are around this dog.

Bernese mountain dog Breedersknow this dog is the most well known breeder from Switzerland. This is the reason why they breed so many of these dogs. These dogs require frequent human companionship so if it misbehaves then it requires your full attention. You just cant leave this dog in a cage by itself because it will snap if you do that. There are so many things to ask from a breeder including how to take care of it because you should make a list on the things you need to remember when taking care of a Bernese mountain dog. It should not exercise that much because it needs energy to put on weight and build strong bones. It is no secret this dog will do everything to protect its family. It also loves to be trained so it is no surprise that it is eager whenever there is a trainer nearby directing it to do something. The dog also loves cold weather because of its thick skin. A dog is a mans best friend and this dog is a good example of that. You can go near it if you are feeling down and lonely. A lot of people dont know this but this dog requires consistent grooming so you would need to instruct someone to groom it if you are too busy with that task.

Bernese Mountain Dog Grooming

What sets the Bernese Mountain Dog apart from other breeds of dog? One of the most distinct characteristics the Bernese Mountain Dog has, aside from its exceptional pulling power (it is one of the best working dogs you will ever find around among all the other breeds of working dogs), is its striking and beautiful coat. Since this was a dog which originated in the Mountains, particularly the Swiss Mountains, it has a trademark tri-color marking of a black, white, and rust colored fur coat. The Bernese Mountain Dog, however, is the only breed among all the other breeds of dog from these Mountains, which as a trademark long, silky coat. This protected them from cold temperatures, which were where they were bred. It is for this reason, that Bernese Mountain Dog grooming is a very vital part when a Bernese Mountain Dog is the topic of any conversation.
That long fur coat which the Bernese Mountain Dog possesses sheds a lot, especially around the warmer months, but fear not, for even if grooming habits regarding this dog a vital part of their overall maintenance, the Bernese Mountain Dog generally requires minimal grooming. Its coat is naturally silky, and is naturally beautiful, making it a fairly easy dog to take care of with regards to grooming.

Bernese Mountain Dog grooming is generally the same with grooming any other breed of dog with a long, silky fur coat. Your only real concern would be when this breed of dog sheds. Not sparing any corner of a home from its hairs, the Bernese Mountain Dog will fill your home with black, white, and rust hairs, as if you actually own a number of pets around the house. A weekly brushing will take care of this otherwise very minimal concern.

When it comes to Bernese Mountain Dog grooming, it is best to consult professional dog groomers, as they might be more knowledgeable when it comes to this breed of dogs shedding patterns, and when or when not to brush its coat.

Overall, Bernese Mountain Dog grooming is a fundamental part of taking care of the Bernese Mountain Dog. Though fundamental, it is not to be given as much as larger concern over the overall health problems of the Bernese Mountain Dog. You can sleep soundly at night knowing that you do not need that much work when it comes to grooming this dog; better prepare to clean up your home of its hairs, though!

Bernese Mountain Dog Training Made Easy

Bernese mountain dogs are known for being gentle giants. For first time dog owners and those with families, this breed will prove to be a gentle and loyal companion, protecting your property in times of need. Also, Bernese mountain dog training is quite easy as they are very obedient to their owners. However, if you are going to do some Bernese mountain dog training, make sure that you spare your pet from punishments because they react to the slightest reaction from humans. And if they feel offended, they might not have a great reaction to you. You could get hurt. However, if you want to train your Bernese mountain dog, you can choose to use a more positive approach. Though they sometimes need time to think things over, they catch up with the tricks pretty fast. They are an intelligent breed although they might seem slow at first. But thats just how they are. They can handle obstacle courses and other tricks well as long as you let them know that theyre doing the right things.

You can also employ a leash training session for them because the Bernese mountain dog tends to pull on a leash while walking. While he or she is young, you must train your dog to follow you as you hold the leash. This should be done while they are not as heavy because when that time comes, it might be difficult to train them to follow you. However, once they get used to the leash, they will eventually enjoy walking with you.

Bernese mountain dog training also involves the teaching of the basic obedience rules such as sit, stay, down and the recall. This will allow you to have a good relationship with your dog from early on. This will also allow your dog to respond to these commands even when they are made by other people. The Bernese mountain dog, as well as all other dogs needs to know these basic commands for life to become much more convenient for their owners. This dog is also quite the active and jumpy one. So while they are young, you can train them to calm down in your presence as well as those of strangers as some people might be scared at the thought of a dog jumping on them.

Training your Bernese mountain dog is fairly easy. Even if youre a novice dog owner, you will enjoy training this dog. They are kind and happy unlike other dogs that could be threatening to your safety. However, you must make sure that your dog is trained well so that he or she will know how to act in front of others. It is also necessary so that they will grow up to be such loyal pets to you or your family. Dogs really are a mans best friend. And if you teach and train them well, they will become such an important part of your life. You will surely love your well-trained Bernese mountain dog.

Bernese Mountain Dog Care

Having a Bernese Mountain Dog can be very rewarding, but it also means having that responsibility to take care of it the right way. Actually, Bernese Mountain Dog Care can be done by almost anyone.  Owners should just remember the dos and don’ts for bringing up this type of dog breed.

One the basic things about Bernese Mountain Dog Careis vaccination. Once a person gets the dog from a breeder, it is important that it gets its yearly vaccinations to be immune from various diseases. Worming an adult dog may also be necessary from time to time. Flea control may also be done depending on the dogs needs.

When feeding a Bernese Mountain Dog, owners should know that they should only give high quality dog food to their pets. Ideally, crude protein should not be higher than 20 percent, while crude fat should not be more than 9 percent. It is also advisable not to use canned food when feeding the dogs. It is only given when a dog is extremely underweight or when a veterinarian finds a need for it. But for normally healthy dogs, it is not recommended.

To avoid bloating, people can put the food at an elevated position. With that, the dog wouldn’t need to lean down just to eat their food. All they need to do is tilt their heads. An hour before or after eating, it is also not recommended to make the dog exercise to give it time to digest the food.

Bernese Mountain Dog Carealso includes some training. It is advisable to train dogs while they are puppies so that they will grow up with very impressive skills and manners. These dogs can undergo obedience training, and its good to know that they are fast learners so people won’t have a hard time teaching them. But trainers need to be very gentle since they will most probably not respond positively to harsh methods. This dog breed can also be sensitive so be sure to be patient during training.

While they are still puppies, it is good when these dogs already get used to having people around them. Bernese Mountain Dogs can be very shy, but when their owners take time to surround them with some people, the dogs will eventually get used to it and will become friendlier with strangers.

Bernese Mountain Dog Carerequires proper grooming. Its recommended that owners brush the dogs coat on a daily basis since it is a heavy shredder. Bathing the dog should be done frequently or only when the need arises. And every couple of weeks, the nails of the dog should be trimmed.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Training

What could possibly be cuter than a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy? Its cute face, its round eyes, those small paws which will later on grow to become some of the strongest paws, along with its legs overall, and its great and beautiful fur coat of three distinct varying colors, have certainly made the Bernese Mountain Dog puppy one of the cutest puppies out there. During puppyhood, however, the Bernese Mountain Dog poses a few concerns that, although very minor, are still worth knowing, especially if you yourself already have one of these dogs still in puppyhood.

The Bernese Mountain Dog matures later than other breeds of dog. When other dogs enter their adolescent months, the Bernese Mountain Dog might still be acting like a puppy at right around the same age. This is not completely a bad thing, as they will eventually grow out of it. Be sure, however, to not wait until they are complete adults before you start training them. Training of a Bernese Mountain Dog, as it is with any other breed of dog, works best when done around the formative months of a dog, at about 4 to 5 months after they are born. Make sure to train your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy this early on, to avoid them becoming individualistic and stubborn.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are generally great family dogs. They are particularly fond of children, and are not so fidgety when it comes to strangers around them or other animals around them. As long as you train them right, and early on, to be comfortable around strangers and other animals, they will pose no real issue regarding strangers and other pets. How can anyone possibly resist a dog this mild-mannered, naturally sociable, and have a great relationship with humans?

If you want a dog which your children will love, a dog which will require minimal grooming (albeit a heavy shedder), a dog which would love to work for you no matter what that task may be, and a dog which you will cherish for as long as it lives, there is no better breed of dog other than the Bernese Mountain Dog.What are you waiting for? These dogs might pull for a living but they will not pull themselves to you; get your very own Bernese Mountain Dog puppy now and start making it work. You are certainly not going to regret getting one of these magnificent dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dog Information

The Bernese mountain dog is one of the most beautiful and popular breeds. It has long tail, a broad, flat head, and a very straight and strong muzzle. Interesting Bernese mountain dog information is that it is tri-color, featuring symmetrical markings of black, rust, and white; its long, thick coat is also weather-resistant

In the short life that it lives, shorter when compared to other dogs, it is very loyal and friendly. Possessing intelligence, they do not have that much need to be dominant. And according to Bernese mountain dog information, it is very self-confident and can socialize very well, especially when it is still a pup.

Friendly even to strangers, the Bernese mountain dog requires a lot of attention from people. And although it is be quite fragile and inactive, they do well in large, fenced areas.

One of the main reasons why families adopt a Bernese mountain dog is the fact that it is family-friendly. And despite it being so friendly, it is a great watchdog as it has herding instincts and is quite protective.

However, its friendliness does come with a downside. The Bernese mountain dog is very needy, and as such, owners will have to devote a lengthy period of time to bond with the pooch.  

When it comes to grooming it, one significant detail to note is the fact that it sheds heavily all year-round, so brushing it daily is crucial so as to avoid mats, tangles, and etc. For periods of light shedding, owners can make do with a brushing it once a week.

As for training it, though the Bernese mountain dog lives to please the people it loves, it can be difficult to teach them even the basics. So owners must have a lot of patience if they want their Bernese to be obedient and follow commands.

Bernese mountain dog information states that male dogs grow from 24 to 28 inches, or 61 to 71 centimeters, and female dogs can grow from 23 to 27 inches, or 58 to 69 centimeters

Coat Care
Careful brushing of its long thick coat is very important, especially when it is shedding

Requires shampooing while taking a bath and dry shampoo

Family Life
Very friendly; can easily adapt into any kind of family environment as it gets along very well with children and other domesticated animals

Though the Bernese mountain dog is well-suited for any family, the Bernese mountain dog is very needy, requiring large amounts of attention to them

The Bernese mountain dog has a life expectancy of 6 to 8 years
According to Bernese mountain dog information, it is very prone to cancer, as well as bloat, eyelid problems, hip and elbow dysplasia

Bernese mountain dog information suggests it needs little to no exercise as it has a heavy bone structure

The Burmese mountain dog can be quite challenging to train as it has a shorter lifespan compared to other dogs; it can only go active for short periods of time; and it can take a while for it to mature

About Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies

What makes the Bernese Mountain Dog so special? These great working dogs might just be the strongest dogs around. One Bernese Mountain Dog once carried around 2,200 pounds of total weight, a full ton. That feat, although exceptional, is not uncommon for the Bernese Mountain Dogs, as they were specifically bred for that exact purposeto pull and carry.

From the moment they start out as Bernese Mountain Dog puppies, this breed of dog is a working dog by heart. They will do whatever you may ask them or require them to do. Add that to the fact that they are already naturally friendly dogs and love to socialize, and you have a dog willing to make its master or owner satisfied and pleased. This willingness and natural affinity to socialize, however, does not come out until a later stage of their adulthood, unless brought out by you yourself.

Bernese Mountain Dog puppies are shy towards strangers and other animals, totally and completely unlike themselves when they grow up to be adults. They are slow to mature, as they still act like puppies right around up to their adolescent years. It is for this reason that you have to socialize them well with other dogs, other animals, and strangers as young they are as you possibly can.

They also pose a significant concern if not trained early on that that the owner is the master and the Alpha. These dogs are more of pack dogs, and need the owner, the masters guidance for them to be able to grow up the way you want them to. Again, it is for this reason that you have to instill in those Bernese Mountain Dog puppies of yours great leadership skills. This is why the Bernese Mountain Dog is not for the novice dog owner.

Aside from these issues such as the late blooming from the Bernese Mountain Dog, and the natural need for authority, they are generally like other breeds of large dogs when it comes to other aspects such as grooming, training, and overall temperament.

Bernese Mountain Dogs unfortunately have a short life expectancy, living for only 6 for up to 8 years at maximum. Make it a point to savor and cherish every moment you have with these dogs from them being Bernese Mountain Dog puppies right up to their adulthood. They are great dogs which need more years in their average life span.

Bernese Mountain Dog puppies come at varying prices, and may also come from different sources. Anywhere from the dog or pet stores, to specified and selected breeders, to sometimes even rescue homes or adoption shelters, wherever your Bernese Mountain Dog comes from, it will surely never fail to please.

Price for puppies of this breed of dog vary as well, as they are a pretty great dog to have, so expect prices to be in the medium-ranged areas.

Overall, the Bernese Mountain Dog is one dog which will make any familys life complete. Go and get yourself one now!

Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament

When it comes to a great, mild-mannered, and family-oriented temperament, arguably no other breed of dog beats the Bernese Mountain Dog in having one of the best temperaments of any breed of dog. The Bernese Mountain Dog temperament often is what future Bernese Mountain Dog owners look for. There is not much you may want more from this breed of dog. From its amazingly furry and beautiful and elegant appearance, its impeccable intelligence, unequaled strength and its natural affinity with people, the Bernese Mountain Dog a dog which will never have the temperament that of the more aggressive dogs.

In general, the Bernese Mountain Dog temperament ranges from good natured, to docile and highly trainable, to relatively welcoming to strangers, to self-assured. They are never shy, aggressive or even fidgety or give off an uneasiness. They love children and will always live to please their masters or owners. Bernese Mountain Dogs will more often than not always submit to whatever their master or owner should please to do. They will follow you, if you happen to be their master or owner, if you make them feel that you are the Alpha, and no the other way around.

As all dogs have differing and varying personas and temperaments, Bernese Mountain Dogs are sort of somewhat the exception to that rule. Unless you have not made your presence felt as these dogs pack leader, the Alpha, then the Bernese Mountain Dog is almost the only breed of dog which has the same temperament as with all other dogs in its breed type.

These are dogs which love to work, for that is what they were bred to do. Make them work and pull carts, to further build that famous Bernese Mountain Dog temperament. Expect them to become even more submissive to you after you have made them work.

There are Bernese Mountain Dog temperament training procedures, to give your Bernese Mountain Dogs that temperament that you want it to have, instead of the one it has now. Though, these training procedures are highly unnecessary for training these dogs by yourself to make their temperaments suit your preferences will never prove to be a challenge given the already great-naturedness of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

The temperament of the Bernese Mountain Dog will forever make it a true friend for life for any human individual. No other dog may even compare and dare challenge this overall magical dog.

The Bernese Mountain Dog

Tough, loyal and friendly is what the Bernese mountain dog is known for. Bred to be an all-around farm dog, a Bernese mountain dog is known to be intelligent and imposing yet friendly when involved with other pets. Despite its large size, their farmland breeding keeps them from being too aggressive against other animals or humans that they have to live with, this makes them ideal for children.

They are a rather large breed, whose tri color facial look stands out distinctively among other breeds. Being raised for farm work, the Bernese mountain dog is classified as a so called working dog. This means that a Bernese mountain dog is not just used for one sided tasks such as herding or hunting but also for protection.

Owners of a Bernese mountain dog usually describe their pets as outgoing and rather fond of other humans. Being a rather hairy breed they are known to enjoy long hikes but are also well behaved when indoors. Because of their Swiss Alpine origin and their mountain dog build the Bernese mountain dog is known for its ability to maintain amazingly powerful bursts of speed, though it has to be motivated by an outside force. The Bernese mountain dogs large build and speed capability can be attributed to its mountain dog build, like many animals or humans that are conditioned for low oxygen, uphill movements and treacherous terrain; a Bernese mountain dogs build would consist of strong legs, tough joints and a good cardiovascular system. Unfortunately because of its mountain dog traits a Bernese mountain dog can become rather lethargic if it is kept indoors after some time, as for a mountain dog breed this somewhat goes against its breeding.

The Bernese mountain dog has originated from the cold Swiss Alps, a region known for being a strategically important part of Switzerland. But despite the Swiss Alps nature as a snowy mountain, much of the Swiss Alps has been set as a tourist destination by the Swiss Government. The Swiss Alps nature as a snowy yet habitable land has paved the way for the Swiss to take up residence in there. Over the many years the residents of the Swiss Alps have been known for their production of Swiss cheese, of course what is needed for cheese are cows. This is where the Bernese mountain dog comes in, theirtoughness and strength allows them to easily herd cows and also to protect them. A Bernese mountain dogs friendliness and fondness of humans must also come from their innate personality as working dogs, which required them to be much more sociable with other animals and different humans. Though it first began as a farming dog breed, the Bernese mountain dogs status as a working dog stemmed when the animals strength when farmers would actually use the Bernese mountain dog to pull carts. The Bernese mountain dogs strength is vital for its survival in the Swiss Alps cold alpine pastures. Bernese mountain dogs get their name from the area in which they originated the Canton of Bern in Switzerland. They are also part of a family of Swiss Alp dog types called the Sennenhund. Sennenhund basically means alpine pasture dog though it is usually translate to Mountain dog to easier fit its Swiss background. The Sennenhund family only has 4 types which are the Entelbucher Mountain dog, Appenzeler, the Bernese and the largest of the Sennenhund the Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund or Greater Swiss Mountain dog.

The Sennenhund breed are said have originated from Roman Molossers, a rather large breed of dogs used as war dogs in which they were sent as an initial shock troops during an attack. Though some will argue that the Sennenhund were part of an earlier wave of migration by ancient Europeans, predating the Roman expansion. This puts them at around the Neolithic age.

Among the many hardy European breeds the Bernese mountain dog known for the three colors that embody its face. Brown spots are positioned just above its eyes while its muzzle is coated in a beautiful white streak. Part of its cheek is brown while the rest of its face is covered in black fur, this makes it seem like the Bernese mountain dog`s face is covered in a black helmet. The size of a Bernese mountain dog ranges from around 2 feet tall with males being slightly taller than females by only 2 or 3 inches. Male Bernese mountain dogs usually weigh around 50 kilos while Females weigh less at 48 kilos.

Bernese mountain dogsare known caring and intelligent dogs clearly reflecting their past as farm dogs. But also because of their breeding as working animals, they can be considered docile reflecting their instincts for being working animals. The breed is also remarkably patient as they have been known to tolerate children climbing over their back. While they are a kind breed, their temperament does not apply to all of them and of course only you the owner truly know your dog.